Combinatie van Doorn-van Wanrooij

In a beautiful location on the Poeldonksedijk in the rural Den Dungen under Den Bosch, Henri van Doorn lives with his wife Lucie and two sons Chris and Laurens. Today, under the name of 'Doorn van Wanrooij', Henri only plays the juniors, because his function as a hokverzorger at Comb. Van Wanrooij asks the necessary time.

Henri van Doorn

At home, he had doves from his 8th year, but never . When Henri moved to his current location with Lucie in 1993, she was the one who encouraged him to resume his hobby and take it to a higher plan. Therefore, contact with Berry van de Brand from Boxtel was sought. This has helped him perfectly and currently the vast majority of the colony of Berry pigeons exists. These are mainly of the Schaerlaeckens species combined with pigeons of Cees Gijzen from Sint Willibrord. Jearly there are 10 to 15 pigeons moving from Berry to Henri and there is a good friendship between them.

From 2000 the first 3 pigeons were bought from Ad Schaerlaeckens. Each year new pigeons of Schaerlaeckens are moving to Henri. The loft consist of 90% Schaerlaeckens pigeons. These are from Berry van de Brand or directly from Ad Schaerlaeckens.

System of Henri

Tribal structure